Yinuo 8mm and Yinuo 12mm composite floor composite floor, what is the difference?
Release time:2015-08-31 23:02:15
First Jiaogan, Yinuo 12mm slightly thicker, stepped up and Juegan will some real, and Yinuo 8mm will a sense of some of the TA, rough ground is not very flat, particularly obvious, followed by the visual sense of beauty, Yinuo 12mm plate seam interface with chamfer, splicing stereo sense is very strong, very like the feeling of solid wood, high grade, Yinuo 8mm plate, flat fell seam is flat, stereo sense is a bit poor, but regardless of Yinuo 8mm or Yinuo 12mm, their structure is the same, use fixed number of year not much difference.

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