Yinuo ecological wood floor, an international ecological wood flooring brand. Founded in 2012, with a total investment of 180000000 yuan, the company covers an area of 100 acres, and has advanced equipment introduced in Italy. Since its inception, has become a set of product design, manufacturing, production, international trade and overall home improvement design in one of the large modern enterprise. In the concept of low carbon and environmental protection, the development and production of new environmentally friendly materials.

Company mainly engaged in: warm floor dedicated, green flooring, ecological floor, floor waterproof, fire floor, microcrystalline stone, wood flooring, fine paint for steel floor, negative ion floor professional products.

Yinuo, attention to the baby health, and pay attention to the ecological idea of furniture, pay attention to your family health.

Development: Yinuo wood plastic plate Technology Co., Ltd. Anhui created in 2012, focus on R & D and production of ecological wood industry and ecological Yinuo wood baby health floor is determined to develop into interior China most one of the strength and influence of ecological wood production enterprises, main products for state wood baby health floor, is a domestic famous brands of flooring. In the eco wood flooring product technology development and production management has always been a leading position in the country. After the rapid development, Yinuo sheet product sales all over the world, in China has more than 100 cities set up distribution service provider and more than 200 stores.

Upstream resources: Yinuo plate has been attention healthy baby the pursuit of ecological and environmental protection, and of international wood supply shortage, in the primeval forest cut down and environment destruction, we did not pluvial silken Miao constructed multi-channel bamboo fiber supply chain, supporting the rapid development of our business.

Management philosophy: we always adhere to the "not the biggest, but the best" business philosophy. In order to pay attention to the baby health responsibility, pay close attention to detail, strict process control concept, already deeply rooted in Yinuo, knowledge such as a single line. The original Yinuo "inspection" system, specially set up independent of the outside of the production sector "full inspection inspection, product inspection post, monopolize a vote on the quality of the floor production process veto authority, lynx Cengcengbaguan, strict implementation of higher than the national standard of company quality standard, for each process of rigorous testing, to ensure that the products of high quality. Day by day high, Yinuo in the learning and practice summary and formed a set of linked together, complement each other, scientific and reasonable production technology management system, let Yinuo products full of mature and confident charm.

Work style: quick! Quasi! Good!

Enterprise culture: we pursue "Yinuo and a" harmonious development for the benefit of the social people of Yinuo, is thought of, say, do it immediately, war can win a special team, we have Yinuo brand, to create a high quality of life of the common mission, together to create a healthy Chinese family home, marketing the first vision.

Service tenet: "Yinuo" culture, vision, mission and value outlook and spirit to rely on, persistence of self practice, continue to constantly improve our professional ability, make every effort to for our customers to provide first-class service.

Slogan: serious, fast, to keep promises, never find an excuse.



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