Professional: no worries type of service
All I can think of the problem, easy to make mistakes link, one can not miss. We are hard enough to our customers, in order to reflect more tender care. Integrated services, all aspects of catch all in one draft. In an effort to spare no effort in the attitude of the heart and soul to the home, in good faith for you forever.
Star of the store, enthusiasm, professional sales consultant, perfect after-sales service and professional installation technician team, our large group: let you choose from Enoch floor of the moment is satisfactory, comfortable and satisfied...
Integrity: Enoch Floor Nine commitment
Resolutely implement the new national solid wood floor, the use of national standards of environmental protection materials.
All floor materials are pure natural materials, authentic.
Raw materials imported from abroad.
Floor paint to reach the European E1 level standards, non-toxic, harmless, non radioactive.
Floor quality is stable, durable.
All sales of Enoch floor is its own production, store no fake, shoddy products.
Floor production, installation, maintenance, service one-stop, to ensure that meet customer requirements.
Firmly opposed to all false propaganda, the fight against counterfeit and shoddy activities.
Professional services, value creation, shaping the image of Enoch to high-quality products.
No worries: professional advisory services
Enoch floor around the newspapers, magazines, television, Internet and other media, the timely publication of product knowledge propaganda, allows you to stay at home to know the floor of Enoch, understand the service of Enoch.
No worries: professional sales service
Call free consultation, reasonable layout of the stores, responsible for the integrity of the shopping guide, allowing you to in the choice of Enoch every minute pleasant and relaxed.
Hard service - you trust
Enoch floor headquarters with various regional marketing service center, build a strong after-sales service network, so that every customer to buy the floor of Enoch were free to have full free service system.
Star of the store, enthusiasm, professional sales consultant, perfect sales service network and a full range of technical guidance, large after-sales service team, convenient processing system: from the pre-sale, sale, the sale and the full range of integrated services, let you from the selection of floor of Enoch the moment is satisfactory, comfortable and satisfied......

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